CBC Horizontal Photo Fold Out


CBC Horizontal Photo Fold Out. 

We've been on a mission around here to bring you.  real products you use, that actually fit a need you have in your scrapbooking...getting more photos on your pages.  It is one of our favorite things to dream designs and make them happen!

The Horizontal Photo Fold Out Instructions


Open the package and you'll find three white pieces. From right to left they are tag, tag pocket, and base.


If you are placing a magnetic snap on your project you need to place that first.

(these snaps are not included with the product.  You can tie this shut with ribbon or buy the snaps here)


Peel the paper sticker (this is marking the piece positive and negative) off the postive side the adhere it to the inside top piece as shown above.



Peel the paper from the top (marked negative) and fold the base piece SHUT. This will make the negative side stick to the bottom base piece.




Carefully pull the flaps of the base unit open, leaving a positive on one side and the negative on the top!

Next locate the pocket tag piece. Punch the circle out.

Decide on your paper for the tag pocket front and cut that paper 9 3/4"x4".

To place to hole properly on the paper use a small piece of adhesive and stick the paper to the front (temporary). Turn the entire piece OVER and use a pencil to trace where to circle is.


Remove the paper and use scissors to cut the circle shape out.


Adhere the paper to the front.


Use a paper distresser all along the edge of the circle. This will hide any uneven cutting that you've done.


Now Adhere the back shut so you have a pocket.


If you want to accent the inside back cut a piece 9 3/4"x4" and adhere it into the BACK of the pocket piece. To accent the front of the piece cut a piece of paper 9.5"x4". Slip it into place.


Locate the page protector that is a long sleeve shape. Place this piece into your paper cutter and trim it to 9.75" long.


If you want to put pattern paper on the tag itself I cut my pieces 7.5"x4".

Slide the tag piece into the pocket, and slide the entire piece into the sleeve. Add photos to this piece as desired.

To accent the base top flaps cut two pieces of paper 9 5/8" long x 4 3/16" wide. (refer to the diagram for placement) Adhere.


To accent the base bottom flaps cut two pieces of paper 9 5/8" long x 4.5" wide. Adhere. Add photos as desired.


Locate your top flap and accent it as desired. Locate the page sleeves and slide them onto the top and bottom flaps of the base. The self seal strips will be attached to the BACK of the base.


Attach the piece to the layout. The horizontal photo fold out attached to the layout closed.


The horizontal photo fold out attached to the layout open. This layout will easily accomodate 13 photos!




The close up of the horizontal photo fold out.

So how does that fit into a page protector?

Make your page.

1. Slide your page into the page protector.

2. Use a dull pencil, or an embossing stylist, and trace around the outside edge of the shape.

3. Take the page out of the page protector.

4. Slide a scrap paper or cutting mat into the page protector, and cut on the line you've created.

5. Slide your page back into the page protector and it fits perfectly.

One horizontal photo fold out per package.


  • Model: CBC Horizontal Photo Fold Out
  • Manufactured by: Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
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