Creek Bank Creations Ribbon Lock and Magnet Sticker Die


Creek Bank Creations Ribbon Lock and Magnet Sticker Die.  These dies make mini album building easier and more secure!  The Ribbon Lock die is used when you are adding a ribbon closure to any project.  I adhere our Super Tacky Tape to the back of the paper I want to die cut and die cut the Ribbon Lock Die (rectangle piece).  Choose the ribbon you want to add to your album and thread it through the paper, sticking the tails of the ribbon into the adhesive.  Now mark the center point of your album with a pencil about 1" in from the outside edge.  Line the notch up on the Ribbon Lock Die with the center point of your album and adhere.  If you use this set up on the front and back of the object your ribbon will be secure, and come out in exactly the same place on the front and back.  I cover the ribbon lock die with decorative cardstock.

The circles in this set are Magnet stickers.  You can apply Super Tacky Tape to any paper, and then cut the paper with the dies.  This gives you perfectly round papers to cover your magents with. The circles on these sets are designed to fit our Large Paper Thin Magnets and our Small Paper Thin Magnets

  • Model: CBC Ribbon Lock Die and Sticker
  • Manufactured by: Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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