CBC Wonder Wipe


Creek Bank Creations Wonder Wipe Set!  This two piece set contains two reusable cleaning wipes for stamps and stencils. Each towell measures 7" x 5 3/4". 

You don't need any cleaning chemicals for our wonder wipes!  Just get them wet and wipe away ink with ease!  Get the wonder wipe wet with warm water and wipe your stamps or stencils off!  

No more fiber residue left on stamps or stencils!

Washable after use!  Slip it in the washer, and although the stains will remain the cloth is still useable.  

NEVER turns into a hard crumbled shell!  Even when dry our Wonder Wipe doesn't turnto a hard shell!  It remains soft!  

We've included two towells!  One towell to keep for wet use like cleaning stamps, and one towell for dry use.  Dry use could be cleaning off stencils to trade out colors on the stencil, or when using watercolors and you want to keep your brush dry.  

As with any cleaning cloth the fabric will tear if repeatedly rubbed over time.  We do not replace wonder wipes if they are torn from use.  

We recommend storing your wet Wonder Wipe in the holder offered here

  • Model: CBC Wonder Wipe
  • Manufactured by: Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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