J Brush 8 eight


Creek Bank Creations J Brush!  Creek Bank Creations 8 eight pack! n(does not include wood block)  The perfect stencil brush!  This brush has bristles designed for INK.  It has the style and convenience of a retractable make up brush, but the use and function of a ink and stencil tool.  You won't have pieces of foam from other tools sticking in your stencil, or leaving ugly round marks.  Our stencil brush blends and moves ink with ease!

Once you pull the lid off you'll see the inside band that moves up and down.  If you pull the band down you'll get a light dusting of ink when you dab the brush in your ink pad.  If you pull that band up, it will pull your bristles together and you'll get a dark vibrate ink color!  This tool works best with dye based inks, as they dry fast.  The tool does work with the hybrd inks as well.  

We recommend one brush for each color family.  If you change hues in a color family you can clean it by gently running it over a wet wipe until the color comes off!  

We have a color card that can be purchased with the brushes.  Cut the strips of color, and punch the cirlces.  The paper is glossy and self adhesive.  Apply the color bans to the brushes and you'll know which brush goes with which color. The color card is FREE when you purchase 6 brushes.  

  • Model: J Brush 8 pack
  • Manufactured by: Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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