CBC Pixie Puffer


Creek Bank Creations Pixie Puffer. SHIPS FREE.  Works just like the glitter duster.  The frustrating thing about any kind of glitter is the mess it makes.  I've found a great solution to this problem!  The Pixie puffer is a unique tool designed for our pulverized pixie dust glitter!  Simply fill the Pixie Puffer with Creek Bank Creations Pixie Dust and spray!  I hold my product over the trash can and let the extra fall into the trash, but you could spray it over paper and refill it back into the puffer!  The bottle has a locking nozzle so when you are not using the nozzle twist it to the bottom and it locks in place!  No more spilled glitter!  

We use our Pixie Puffer with our Pixie Dust found here.

We use our Pixie dust to cover our Super Tacky Tape and make our own glitter paper.  Super Tacky Tape can be found here.

Works just like the glitter duster! 

  • Model: CBC Pixie Puffer/Glitter Duster
  • Manufactured by: Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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