CBC Slide Guide Sliding Mechanism


CBC Slide Guide Sliding Mechanism. SG100.  This package contains 24 top/bottom pieces that are used for the slide guide mechanism in slide cards.  No longer do you have to use a penny and foam tape, which tears and falls apart or catches along the edge.  Our glide mechanism is sized to fit our slit and slide dies and easy to use! 


How about some instructions?  

 Start with your card design to decide where you want to put the slide hole. We have two dies that you can build slide cards with, so you'll want to decide which one you want to use!


 I often add some colored cardstock to the bottom of the card for snow, dirt or a road.  Choose your background paper as well.  Cut both those pieces to 5.25"x4".  



Lay the white on top of the blue and cut through both layers at the same time.  This makes your snow hill the perfect match to the cardstock base!  



Take your scissors and trim off the top part of the white to reveal a snow drift.  Adhere the snow bottom to the card.  


Locate your slide guides.  You will notice if you look at the back that those pieces are different.  The female parts have little dots on the back of them.  The male part goes down first, and the female always goes on top.  


You need mini glue dots and a 3/4" circle punch to complete your card!  Locate the male piece and adhere it to a 3/4" circle punched piece.  Punch the piece the same color as the background of your card to keep it from showing on the front.  The circle punch piece just helps hold the glide in place. 


Here's what the base will look like. 


 Locate your card.  Flip it over and ahdere chipboard shims to the back of the card.  You can find chipboard shims on our website here, or you can cut your own 1/4" strips.  We always use liquid adhesive on our cards so that we don't end up with sliding parts getting stuck in adhesive.  Find our liquid adhesive here. I use the no clog writing cap on my glue bottle and you can find that here

 Turn the card over and place your slide guide that is adhered to the 3/4" circle in the slide slot.  If you have more than one slide on a card put them all in.  I used two slides on the snowman card. 

Locate your accent piece that will be moving and adhere to female slide guide pieces to the accent piece.  Remember female pieces have little dots on the back.  

Turn the accent piece over and click the two slide guides together!


Use the liquid adhesive and run a glue line on the chipboard shims.  Turn it over and adhere the chipboard/card to the base card.  In this case our base card is white.  


The slide guides are super easy to use and offer many fun options!

Let us know what great projects you make with our slide guide!

Email photos to Julie at creekbc@gmail.com

  • Model: CBC Slide Guide Sliding Mechanis
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