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I began scrapbooking in 1980 as a high school student, and a few years later, in 1985, I learned about archival preservation. It wasn't until 1997 that I became interested in scrapbooking as we know it today, and in 1998 I opened up my own home-based scrapbook business. At that time there were no scrapbooking supplies in the Midwest. Our business served as a great resource to scrapbookers who were looking for unique supplies. It wasn't long before I saw the need to educate my customers and that this need was being experienced by retailers all over the country, so in 2000 I began developing and selling instructional material. Some of my accomplishments in the industry including publishing numerous instructional tutorials, writing two books on the topic of scrapbooking, working for major manufacturers in the industry, teaching at wholesale and retail shows, and my products and designs have been featured in several paper crafting publications.


My husband Tom became involved in the business when he saw me developing new products in our home. He started acting as a business manager, helping me get products manufactured and brought to market. Tom helped me achieve my dreams of marketing my own products, and together, we have manufactured and sold products all over the world. Our growth and expansion are the results of Tom's 30 plus years of business, sales and marketing experience. Tom manages all aspects of the operational side of Creek Bank Creations, Inc.


We developed several different marketing strategies along the way, reaching out and hosting weekend paper crafting events that draw people from a 5 state area. These events feature a chance for crafters to get together and share their inspiring love for paper crafting. Each event always includes education so that customers can learn new things and expand their creative skill. In 2012 we purchased a retreat house where they host paper crafters for a weekend of crafting fun! River Retreat House is a destination that crafters of all kinds currently visit and enjoy!


We are a family owned and operated a small business. We thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to create, design and sell our products. We marvel at how God has blessed our business, and we hope to be a blessing to others!


Thanks for stopping by! Tom & Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations, inc.

201 Center Street

Perrysville, Indiana 47974



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