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What makes your event or camp different from others?

Our event is different because we provide a creative and educational component to our weekends.  We come with tons of samples, creative ideas and inspiration.  Our goal is to provide you with a fun weekend, (and we do have fun) but also to inspire you and educate you.  We will have make and takes and various demostrations running all weekend long.  We will have professional creative talent avaiable all weekend long.  We create an atmoshphere of sharing, so if you need something we'll ask the crowd if they have something to share with you.  Our customers consistentently return to our events because of these factors.  You would be hard pressed to find another event with the level of skill and talent that we bring to our events.  We offer this to you, as a means of helping  your grow your skill and enjoy your hobby!

What are camp hours?

Friday 10am-11:30pm

Saturday 9am-11:30pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

I'm a basic or simple scrapbooker.  I'm not sure I fit in!

We have paper crafters from all levels at our events.  It doesn't matter your skill level is.  You can come and work at projects at your own pace.  You won't be rushed, or made to feel silly about your layouts or projects.  We are all on journey in life, and in our skill development and we love it when all skill levels show up to craft!  Do what you love.  Do it the way you love to do it.  


We do offer wi fi at this event.

Are you offering lodging?

We have worked out a special rate with Holiday Inn Express!  $89.00 for a king room or a room with two double beds!  All rooms come with free welcome bags, free hot breakfast, and free airport shuttle if needed!  The hotel is located at 6296 Cambridge Way in Plainfield, IL. 46168.  It is about a 20 minute drive to the expo hall where the event is.  (Unfortunately the hotels aren't very close to the expo hall).  

You can book by calling the hotel direct at 317-839-9000 and ask for the rate for the Indiana Paper Arts Gathering.  Rooms booked by phone are valid for this price until Oct. 20, 2020.   You can also book online here.  For online sales enter the date you need and then enter the group code IPA.  Online rooms need to booked by May 31, 2020. 

If you need airport shuttle...After collecting your luggage, call 317-839-2700 or 317-839-9000. Please proceed to “Ground Transportation/Zone 2” for our driver to pick you up. From Baggage Claim, proceed up the escalator towards Ground Transportation. Proceed to the very end of the hall and go down the escalator to your left. Go straight and exit the building. To your left, you will see the sign for Zone 2. Our shuttle is a large, white 10 passenger Van labeled with the Staybridge Suites and Holiday Inn Express logos.

Where is camp?

Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Center

1900 East Main Street

Danville, Indiana 46122

Directions on their website are here

Can we camp at the fairgrounds?

YES!  Camping is $20.00 per night.  There is water, electric and sewer hookups.  You can just email is your request and we will keep track of how many sites needed.  You will pay the fairgrounds when you arrive. 

What if I am diabetic, eat gluten free or require a special diet?

Our menu is posted here.  If you have special needs you will need to provide your own diet. 

What should I bring?

Bring all the items you will need to work on your projects for the weekend.  If you want to plug in your Electronic Device (cricut machine) you should bring a 100 foot extension cord and multi plug.  Please put your name on your cords.  All cords must be taped down with gaffer tape.  Gaffer tape is hard to find but can be purchased on Amazon here

I'm not from Indiana.  Can I come?

We are happy to have you join us no matter where you are from! 

How do I keep from loosing my stuff?

I'm adding this here to help you out.  Please put your name on your cell phone charger, any multi plugs and extension cords you bring.  Put your name on your die cut machine and any cords that go with your equipment.  I have found metal rim tags with strings work great on cords.  

Shopping at camp

We will bring our scrapbook supply store to camp with us and there will be several vendors on site.  We will no longer be running tally sheets at our events.  All merchandise taken from the booth must be paid for when you purchase it.  We do accept credit cards but I do not know about the other vendors.  You should NOT plan on writing checks while at camp with vendors. 

Drink Service

We will offer iced tea, water and lemonade at meal times.  You should provide any other drinks you want during the weekend. 

Can I bring visitors to camp or children?

All attendess must register.  We do not allow people to "sit in" on our classes or crafting events.  If you have a friend who wants to sit and craft with you they should register as a paying guest.  We do not allow any children under the age of 11 to attend this event.  Children over 11 may attend the event as a registered guest ONLY.  

Can we sell rummage sale items at this event?  (sell left over or used supplies)

I have hosted this kind of event before and it causes issues.  One of the biggest issues is what happens when one woman who has a stack of stuff to sell at her table.  This draws a non stop crowd of people hanging around her table. This causes a great deal of activity, noise and issues. Lots of issues are raised by crafters who just want to come and craft, and not be bothered by all the coming and going that the shopping at the tables creates.   We will not be having a garage sale.  We allow shopping and selling from registered vendors ONLY.  You should NOT be selling anything from your table.  If you want to vendor you may contact us for a vendor application.  

What about Smoking and drinking at camp?

There is no smoking in the building. Drinking alcohol is not allowed on the property. 

Can I bring my heat gun and spray mist?

If you bring a heat gun or spray mist YOU WILL BE responsible to replace any and all things damaged by their use. Attendees will be responsible for any property they damage while at camp.  If you are bringing a heat gun please bring a heat proof mat.  

I have a small home based business or work with a direct sell company.  Can I sell products at your event?

I limit the number of vendors at our events because I do not want our customers being asked for money all weekend.  If you would like to vendor at our events you can contact me about  paying the vendor fee.  Please do not bring your merchandise to sell at camp.  Please do not bring catalogs to take orders at camp unless you are vendoring.

Music, Computers and TV

We play a mix of oldie music off and on during the event.  I would prefer you leave your TV at home.  All devices that are putting out sound must be used with  headphones.  Please be aware that singing with headphones on can also really annoy your neighbors.  so. don't. do. it. ;) 


You may bring a 100 foot drop cord and multi plug for your machines. This is a large room.  Please bring a 100 foot cord and a multi plug.   You are required to tape down any cords that are exposed and people will have to walk over.  The ONLY acceptable tape for the cord is gaffer tape. Let me repeat.  The ONLY acceptable tape for the cord is gaffer tape.  You should bring your own tape.  It can be found online here

Do you provide any tools?

We do not provide any tools.  You should bring everything you need. 

Can I bring my own food or snacks?

We ask for each person to bring a snack to share that does not require refrigeration.  We do not have a refrigerator on site.  You can bring your own food or soda.  

Where do I go when I arrive? 

When you arrive you can pull up to the conference center and unload there.  Then move off to park in the parking lot. 

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