What is the house like?

River Retreat house is located in a quiet neighborhood in Perrsyville Indiana.  Perrysville is a river town, sitting directly on the Wabash River, and surrounded by farms.  Perrsyville is what we call "a one horse town"....meaning there isn't much here except a gas station and some homes.  It's quiet here.  Life is slower here.  It's good here.

Our craftsman style house is all on one level but does require five steps to get into the house. We added a handicapped ramp to the front of the house to make the house easy to get into and we have a wheeled cart we offer for your use. The wheeled cart does NOT fit through the front door, so it must be unloaded on the porch.   The house has three bedroooms (one bedroom has four beds, and the other bedrooms have three beds.).  There is one shared bathroom. 

Each bedroom has plenty of room to move around in, and we provide bedside tables with plug in's for your cell phone chargers! 

Our craft area consists of a large living room and a large dinning room.  4 women fit into our living room, and 6 women fit into our dinning room.  If you havea  group that wants to sit together that is larger than 6 people you would simply need to craft on half a six foot table, instead of our offering of one six foot table per person.

The kitchen comes with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee pot, crock pot and just about everything your kitchen at home has.  (you provide the food!) We have a table that seats 4 in our kitchen.

We do have a dual Lazy Boy recliner.  This means it sits two people very comfortably and can be slept in.  I do have some customers with back issues, and they LOVE sleeping in the chair!  

Can you explain the charges better?

How we charge:
1.  Weekend rate.  $100.00 per person for the weekend.  Check in Friday at 10am and check out Sunday at 5 pm.
2.  Weekday Rate.  $100.00 per person.  Check in Monday at 10am and check out Thursday at 5pm.
     The minninum rental rate is $300.00.  This means you can come by yourself and pay the $300.00 rate, or you can bring 
     two people and split the $300.00 rate, or you can bring 3 people and each person pay $300.00.  
3.  We offer a group rate of $700.00 as well.  When you book at the group rate it insures you that you have rented the house privately and will have no outside guests in the house.  The charge is $700.00 for weekend, or weekday.  You divide the $700.00 by the number of guests you bring.  If you bring 5 women and book at the group rate the fee would be $140.00 per person for the weekend or weekday stay. 
4.  We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking.  You pay the balance of your bill when you arrive at River Retreat House, or the week before online if we are traveling and are out of town.  If you book at the $100.00 individual rate each person needs to register and pay for themselves. If you book at the group rate I need one person to take care of the registration for the group.  You can book through our online store, or you can request a pdf registration form to print off and mail in with a check.  
5.  I try not to double book groups, but if you have a small group like three people and you book on a weekend there would be a possibility that you would end up double booked.  The best way around this is to book weekday, or book at the group rate.  Our weekday calendar is pretty much wide open, and therefore I never put groups together. 
6.  All fees are non refundable and tax is added at 12%.  (we refund for death in the family) 

How many peoople can be in our group when we rent?

We have a 10 person max in the house.  

How much space is there for each person to work?

Each person has their own six foot table. This area should provide ample space for each guest to have their own tools and supplies available within easy reach while cropping.

Do you allow alcohol in the house?

Yes we do but please be considerate of other guests, and our neighbors. 

What are your policies about smoking or pets?

River Retreat House is smoke-free, and we ask that you leave your pets at home.

What should I bring?

Leave your watch and worries at home! Just bring your clothes, personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, and soap) and crafting supplies. All bedding and towels are provided. Since members of your group may have different temperature preferences, you may want to bring a light sweater or sweatshirt.

You may want to bring ice, your own coffee, and paper plates and/or plastic silverware.

What do you do about bad weather?

We do not refund for weather unless INDOT closes interstate 74 for snow, or drifting snow before your stay begins.  In the event INDOT closes I-74 we will move your deposit to another date in the calendar year you have booked.  

What do we do in case of an emergency while at the house?

River Retreat House has an information located in the kitchen which includes phone numbers for local emergency service such as the police, fire department. It also includes contact information for the owners. In the main hallway you will find a bulletin board with information on local places to eat, walk in clinics and the local emergency room.  We do keep a first aid kit in the bathroom closet. 

Do you offer wi fi or telephone service at the house?

We do not offer phone service in the house.  Please bring your cell phone.  We do offer wi fi in the house, two tv's and one dvd player. There is only one wi fi service available in Perrysville.  We do offer wi fi but the signal is not strong and is not intended for use of groups.  Do not plan on coming to retreat house and WIFI being your only means of getting work complete.  

Where is the closet grocery store?

The gas station in town stocks almost anything you need.  They have soup, milk eggs, personal items etc.  They also have a soda fountain, pizza, fried chicken etc.  There is also a grocery store in Covington Indiana which is about 15 minutes away at the most.  (3.6 miles away) 

Covington IGA Grocery Store

301 3rd Street

Covington, IN 47932


What kind of casserole dishes do you have in the house?

We have one 9x12 and one 8x8 casserole dish.  Glass. 

Do you provide paper towels, toilet paper, soap etc?

We do provide paper towels (extra under the sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom closet). Extra dish soap under the kitchen sink.   Toilet paper (in the cabinet over the toilet and in the closet in the bathroom).  Extra hand soap, first aid kit, light bulbs, extra blankets, extra towels, extra hand towels, extra wash clothes in the closet in the bathroom.  You will find extra batteries for the remote controls in the drawer in the hutch in the kitchen.  

Do you have?

Sale and Pepper? YES  

Blender? YES

Coffee maker, filers?  YES.  Please bring your own coffee.

Keuring?  YES.  PLease bring your own K Cups. 

Ice Maker in Refrigerator?  YES and we stock it with a large container of ice when you arrive. 
Electric Skillet?  NO
Crock Pot? YES 
Toaster?  YES
Mixer? YES
It is a good idea to bring your own ziplocks for food you need to carry home with you. 
Can I bring small children?
For the most part groups of women who come to River Retreat House want to get away from responsibilbity, husbands and children.   We do, however,  allow  women to bring children if they book the house at the group rate, and let everyone in the group know that children will be in attendance.  I have had grandmothers, mothers and grandchildren book the house for the weekend and they seem to have a great time.  This is not your typical scrapbook setup but our space is great for all kinds of crafting experiences.  YOU MUST NOTIFY ME if kids are going to be in the house. 
Can I book the house for Grandma Camp? 
We do allow bookings for Grandma Camp when you book at the group rate.  This insures you will have the house to yourself.  You can plan any activities you would like and I'll clean up your mess when you leave! Contact me with questions!  Julie at

Can I burn candles in the house?

We do not allow any open flames in the house.  This means no fires   We do not allow candles in the house for two reasons.  It is a risk of fire, and we have customers who are extremely sensitive to scented items.  The smell from scented candles can linger in the house for days and make our incoming guests ill. 

Can I use my heat gun or spray mist in the house?

Heat guns must be used with heat proof mats that you provide.  There is to be absolutely NO spray mist in the house or on the porches or sidewalks.  Spray mist permantely adheres to everything it is sprayed to including concrete.  If there is any damage in the house or the exterior of the house from heat guns or spray mist the renter will be responsible to pay for the repairs or replacement.  I have seen holes burned in floors from heat guns, tables damaged, and concrete damaged from spray mist so please adhere to our policy!! 

Is your scrapbook supply business open when I come?

We do not promise that the Scrapbook Supplys store will be open.  We are traveling to various trade shows and there will be times when our house manager takes care of the house for us and we will be out traveling at trade shows with the store. 

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