How to make a library pocket

How to make the library pocket book.

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By Julie Creek


Supplies Needed:

1. Creek Bank Creations Library Pocket Book Kit

2. Adhesive Scotch Quick Dry (liquid)

3. Creek Bank Creations Sanding Stick

4. Wet Wipes

5. Your choice paper, ribbon, embellishments

6. Brayer

7. Ink (ink blending tool optional to apply ink

8. Corner Rounder (optional for library cards)


Open the library pocket book kit and located the pre-scored white insert. Fold the pieces on the folds. Choose a color of ink that matches your project. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink, and applied the ink with the ink blending tool.

Cover the entire front with ink.

Cover the ends of the back.

Locate the library pockets in your kit. Fold back the paper lining (do not remove the lining, just fold it back and get it out of the way so that you can ink the edges of the library pocket cards).


Use a scrap piece of paper and tuck it into the pocket so that you can ink the top edge of ALL of the pockets.


Locate the folded insert you inked, and the library pocket envelopes. Adhere the first card to the SECOND section (from the left) of your folded insert. You are only adhering the envelope pocket to a 1/2" section of fold #2. Center the envelope pocket top to bottom , and close as possible to the inside seam without putting it down into the seam. Photo Below

Locate another envelope pocket and adhere it to the back of the first pocket envelope. (set it directly on top of the first evenlope) Photo below.

Locate another envelope pocket and adhere it in the same fashion to the third fold from the left on the insert piece. Photo below

Continue adding envelope pockets all the way down the folded insert until you have attached all the envelope pockets. I've included two extra pockets in the event you make mistakes and need them. The next two photos below show the finished result.


Locate the two chipboard covers in your Library Pocket Kit. (see below) Cover the pieces with desired paper cut 3.5"x6.5". Cover the chipboard with a thin layer of adhesive and apply the paper. Use the brayer to flatten the glue and make sure you don't have air pockets. (if you don't have a brayer find something else like a round glue bottle to do the trick). Use wet wipes to clean up excess adhesive.

Let the adhesive dry and use the Creek Bank Creations Sanding Stick to sand edges clean.

Work on the edges of the table, and pull the stick straight down.

Choose one chipboard cover to be your front and accent as you desire.


We need to cut accent papers to place on each library pocket envelope page. Cut 12 pieces of pattern paper 3 1/4"x2 1/4". Ink edges if desired. Apply to pockets as shown below.

Look at the photo above and you will see a flap on each side of the pocket section. One on the right, and one on the left. These flaps are what we will use to attach the envelope pocket section to the chipboard covers.

We need to attach the chipboard covers to the envelope section. The photo above shows what this will look like looking from the top down. The photo below shows what the project looks like if you set the stack of envelopes on the table in front of you. (lay it flat). You will want to place glue on the white flap section, and place the chipboard piece onto top of it. Please note that I've moved the chipboard over to the right about an 1/8" so that a small amount of white shows. This is important so that your cover is LONGER than your pages. Adhere the chipboard cover to the pocket section by putting Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive to the outside flap, and putting the chipboard cover on the flap. Center the chipboard cover and the pocket section from top to bottom. Make sure your pattern paper is facing OUT, and watch that you don't have glue on the inside that sticks to the pages.



Once the front page is set, adhere the back chipboard cover in the same manner.

Cut 2 pieces of pattern paper to cover the inside page of the book. Cut to 3.5"x6.5". Adhere the paper to the chipboard. Clean edges with sanding stick if necessary, and ink edges with red ink.

Cut a piece of pattern paper for the spine. It will measure 3"x6.5. If you are using pattern paper it is a good idea to cut TWO and adhere them together for extra strength.

Use a folding or scoring tool and score the piece 1/2" from each edge. Choose one edge and put adhesive on the piece as shown above. Flip the piece over and adhere the 1/2" with the adhesive on it to the spine side of the book.

Adhere the spine piece (dotted piece above) to the front, and wrap the spine piece to the back along the fold line.


Wrap the paper to the back and adhere it to hte back just like you did the front. The photo above shows the piece with adhesive on it that needs adhered to the chipboard back.

The view of the spine from the top.

Locate the library cards and use a corner rounder on edges. Accent the egdes wtih ink, and accent the tops of the cards with twine or ribbon as shown.

Accent the front inside page as desired.


The library cards in the book.




I added flowers to the special pocket, and a Tim Holtz Knob!

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